Beer from Valencia the home of Paella

The craft beer revolution has stepped it up a notch in Spain.  We are sourcing craft beer from all over Spain, to accompany our great Paella dishes when this Spanish company contacted us and asked us if we’d like to sell their beers in New Zealand.  The answer was of course YES..
beerBeer with a dash of Sea Water!!!!  Why not?

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What’s happening at ‘Cook at Home Paella’?

2014 has been a very busy year and it’s about to get busier

Pepitos Tapas/Deli/Bar – 154 Kitchener Road, Milford – Opening August 2014

Auckland’s finest Spanish Chef Serafin Bueno Sanz, has joined the team and in a joint venture we will opening an authentic Spanish Tapas Bar in July selling over 70 Spanish Beers, over 55 Spanish Wines, plus cider, spirits, soft drinks and fruit juices imported by ourselves from Spain, not to mention great Spanish Food produce.

Pepitos Tapas/Deli/Bar – 433 Dominion Road, Mt Eden – Opening December 2014
Development has finally started on our second premises, so watch this space.

Spanish Roast Coffee
We are currently working with award winning coffee roasters in New Zealand and will very soon have our own brand of Spanish Roast Coffee bring ‘Torrefacto’ roasted beans to New Zealand to provide that truly unique taste of Spanish Roast Coffee – See More – we will be roasting these beans daily at our Milford Deli/Bar.

Spanish Food/Beer/Wine Online
We have extended our range of food available online and with another container leaving Spain, it’s about to get bigger, with over 200 products for sale.  Sally has been busy putting together some pretty amazing Spanish Gift baskets

We also have a fantastic offer on Spanish Beer.  Estrella de Levante is probably the finest beer to be made in Spain.
And if you have the time we’ve now provided a little tool to enable you to order a selection of Spanish beers, bottle by bottle – click here to buy now


Jose, Sally and the team

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New Basque Beer has arrived.


We are now selling a great range of Craft Beers from Euskal Garagardoa (which means Basque Beer in Basque).  The beer offers two differences from other beers: (1) Created only using the ingredients from different points of the Basque geography (2) To be brewed in a complete natural way, without any preservative or additives.

As we all are different, Pagoa offers three different kind of beer, each of them with their own flavour, aroma and personality. This way they cover different tastes of different people and they can decide which of the types fit better in the different situations

PAGOA beers are guaranteed by the restaurateur tradition of the Arbelaitz family who brew this Craft Beer. (Hilario Arbelaitz has a Michelin Star – Zuberoa, Gipuzkoa, where this beer is brewed) whilst a little expensive, these are exceptional beers

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Feeding the Sea Warriors

Whether you agree or not with Texas Oil company Anadarko coming to New Zealand and looking for oil in the seas, you can only admire the 16 people who give up their time and put their lives on hold to jump on board the protest vessel “The Infinity”.  The team at Cook at Home Paella thought, as they were coming into Auckland to conduct some maintenance repairs on their boat it would be an ideal opportunity to get down to the harbour and make sure they are fed well before setting out to sea.  On Sunday and Monday (before their Wednesday sailing), we provided them with two gourmet Seafood Paella‘s as they told us food was pretty basic on board.  Great job guys, keep up the good work and safe sailing.

some of the crew of "The Infinity" enjoying our Paella

some of the crew of “The Infinity” enjoying our Paella

"The Infinity" - Protest Vessel

“The Infinity” – Protest Vessel

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Spanish Beer Cookies

Like cookies/biscuits, then try this amazing recipe, using the best quality Spanish Beer in New Zealand

Recipe for 24 Biscuits

  •  30gr Ambar Especial Beer
  • pinch of salt
  • 46gr Sugar
  • 120gr Flour
  • 60gr  Soft butter
  • 50gr white chocolate


  1.  Pre-heat oven to 180c.
  2. Mix the sugar, salt and soft butter
  3. Add the beer and continue mixing
  4. Gradually add the flour and mix with a spatula until you can work the dough with your hands
  5. Make dough into a ball and leave in the refrigerator about 15 minutes
  6. Stretch the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap and knead to knee to a thickness of about 5 mm.
  7. Cut with cookie cutters and place on baking paper.
  8. Cook for about 15 minutes or until they start to brown a little.
  9. Cool and decorate the cookie with white chocolate (melted)
  10. Enjoy!

For a more malty biscuit, use Ambar Export and for something completely different use Ambar Black (but replace the butter with vegetable or light olive oil)

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Cook at Home Paella helps Schools & Charities in Nov/Dec

November and December are traditionally a catering companies busiest months, but the team at Cook at Home Paella always find the time to help.  The Schools/Charities we helped were as follows:-

  • Children’s Cancer Society
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Philippines Earthquake Relief
  • Maungawhau School Fair
  • Auckland City Mission

We are always happy to help out with advice, free equipment and our time when possible – see our website for more details – Paella Auckland

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Spanish Beer, Spanish Beer and Cider/Food Suppliers signed up!

Following a month long journey around Spain.  Jose Luis Fowler has managed to secure some of the best products Spain has to offer, below is a map of our current Spanish Suppliers


Bring you the best;

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Tour of Spain, to bring you the best Spanish Products

This month, we spent 4 weeks travelling all over Spain to source the best Spanish Products
Below is a map of the places we visited.

Spain Trip

Spain Trip

We are now importing Spanish Beer, Spanish Wine, Spanish Cider, Spanish Meats, Spanish Oils & Vinegars, Spanish Spices, Spanish Tinned Seafood, Spanish Anchovies, Spanish Chocolate, Spanish Rice and lots more..

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Spanish Anchovies, why are they so good?

Spanish Anchovies are considered to be the absolute best Anchovies money can buy.  Before shipping these quality products the factory has to produce a Veterinary Certificate for Export.  This is because they are NOT a cured product, they are a semi-conserved product. 

When shopping for anchovies in Spain you will find them displayed in fridges as they need to be stored at a consistent temperature between 5ºC and 12ºC.  Do NOT buy Anchovies that have been stored on Supermarket shelves, as you cannot guarantee the quality of the Anchovy.

 Be very careful, many Anchovies say “Produce of Spain” but the Anchovy is imported cured from South America.

We toured the factory at Laredo and witnessed the care and manual effort that was taken to bring you the best quality Spanish Anchovy and we know these fish come from the Cantabrian sea, as we saw the fresh produce arrive.

Spanish Anchovy

Spanish Anchovy

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New Website launched –

Cook at Home Paella launched a new look website today, with online shop, a booking system and calculator and much, much more.  The company has seen a huge growth in Spanish Food and felt it was important to launch a new look website, as the previous website was 3 years old.  We hope you like, it… feedback please..

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