Cook at Home Paella News

With Christmas just around the corner, the team at Cook at Home Paella have many offerings that may be of interest to you:-

Christmas Parties
We have a multitude of catering options available to you:-
  • Paella Cooked on Site our chefs
  • Paella Cooked by yourself, hiring our equipment with our ingredients
  • Paella Cooked by yourself, purchasing our pans, spices and rice and we can provide you with a no fail authentic Spanish recipe.
  • Paella Cooked and delivered to you warm and fresh

Check out our website for more details [click here] We are the only Paella company in Auckland that have a professionally trained Spanish head chef (trained in Madrid).  We operate over 25 Pans of varying sizes and are capable of serving over 1000 servings per evening, so we can cater for you party whatever size

Christmas Presents

We have a website selling Paella Pans and accessories.  Due to the demand for our imported Spanish Products we have extended the product range.  So for all your Paella requirements, Pans, Burners, Stands, Lids, Rice and Spices check out our website for more details – [click here] Our range of genuine Spanish paella pans come from Garcima S.L, based in Valencia the home of Paella, so you will not find a more authentic Paella Pan. 

Spanish Churros (Donuts)

This year we launched our brand of authentic Spanish Churros, based on a recipe from Madrid, the home of Churros and we are already selling to many Food and Beverage outlets across the country.  Jose’s Spanish Churros are sold frozen and they simply need to be fried in Olive Oil and sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar, just like they are in Spain and to really capture the Spanish feeling we sell the chocolate sauce (that’s added to hot milk) to dip your Churros into.  These must be collected; [click here] for product details, only $30+GST for a bag ot 75 Churros (12 cm).

Paella on the Beach?
During January 2012, we will be also working out of Russell.  If you’re in the area give us a call and we can provide you with our Paella services whilst relaxing on holiday.
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