The Best Spanish Rice in NZ is arriving Early January

Calasparra rice is very highly regarded amongst chef’s in Spain and around the world, yet Calasparra rice makes up on a very small proportion of all the rice grown in Spain.

Rice grown in Calasparra is unique, as the paddy fields in which the rice grows is irrigated by channels built in Spain centuries ago by the Moors and the Romans.  The constant flow of cold mountain water in the paddy fields ensures a constant supply of fresh cold water.

Because the water is cold, unlike the paddy fields elsewhere in Spain where rice is cultivated in flat paddy fields by the sea, the rice matures much slower, resulting in a much harder grain rice which contains less moisture and as a results can absorb more moisture when cooking, making it ideal for Paella.

We can offer both Calasparra Rice (Sollana) and Bomba Rice which we beleive to be the BEST rice available in New Zealand – see our website to purchase this amazing Spanish Rice

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