Spanish Anchovies, why are they so good?

Spanish Anchovies are considered to be the absolute best Anchovies money can buy.  Before shipping these quality products the factory has to produce a Veterinary Certificate for Export.  This is because they are NOT a cured product, they are a semi-conserved product. 

When shopping for anchovies in Spain you will find them displayed in fridges as they need to be stored at a consistent temperature between 5ºC and 12ºC.  Do NOT buy Anchovies that have been stored on Supermarket shelves, as you cannot guarantee the quality of the Anchovy.

 Be very careful, many Anchovies say “Produce of Spain” but the Anchovy is imported cured from South America.

We toured the factory at Laredo and witnessed the care and manual effort that was taken to bring you the best quality Spanish Anchovy and we know these fish come from the Cantabrian sea, as we saw the fresh produce arrive.

Spanish Anchovy

Spanish Anchovy

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