Feeding the Sea Warriors

Whether you agree or not with Texas Oil company Anadarko coming to New Zealand and looking for oil in the seas, you can only admire the 16 people who give up their time and put their lives on hold to jump on board the protest vessel “The Infinity”.  The team at Cook at Home Paella thought, as they were coming into Auckland to conduct some maintenance repairs on their boat it would be an ideal opportunity to get down to the harbour and make sure they are fed well before setting out to sea.  On Sunday and Monday (before their Wednesday sailing), we provided them with two gourmet Seafood Paella‘s as they told us food was pretty basic on board.  Great job guys, keep up the good work and safe sailing.

some of the crew of "The Infinity" enjoying our Paella

some of the crew of “The Infinity” enjoying our Paella

"The Infinity" - Protest Vessel

“The Infinity” – Protest Vessel

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