About Paella NZ

The founder of the paella nz blog, Jose Luis Carpintero (son of Amparo Carpintero-Salgado), learned how to make Paella from chef Maria Victoria Cuenca and her staff while working in a Spanish restaurant in the early 1980s. Jose Luis and his wife Sally moved to New Zealand ten years ago and now share their passion for Paella with you with Cook at Home Paella. The Paellas are Jose Luis’ interpretation of his mother’s family recipe and that of chef Cuenca

2 Responses to About Paella NZ

  1. Peter Stet says:

    if you have another booking in the Waikato on May 24 2013, I would be very interesting in booking your Paella service for around 35 people. I don’t mind if it is prepared on site or delivered. It would be required by 5PM.
    I understand we are a bit far away but you never know.
    Te Awamutu
    027 2738 948

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