Calasparra – Amazing Spanish Rice

Calasparra Rice, Bomba Rice

Calasparra Rice, Bomba Rice

We source our Calasparra Rice from a small farm of only 50 hectares in EI Puerto, in a high fertile valley bordering on the Segura River. The farm is operated by Juan Haro and his sons. They have just six other employees so every part of the farming process is carefully watched over by the family to bring you the best Calasparra Rice possible.

The unique climatology of this region allows the cultivation of rice in a very mountainous and sunny area, with the cold and cleansing waters of the Segura River combining to make high quality, unique tasting rice;

•Only traditonal seeds are used on Jaun Haro’s farm
•They have a unique system of irrigation that delivers a constant supply of fresh water to the fields
•They ensure a slow maturation cycle, up to 30% longer than most rice
•All rice is dehydrated naturally in glorious Spanish sunshine to enhance both the taste profile and the hardness of the rice.
The certificate of origin or “Denomination of Calasparra Origin” is only given to farmers who meet exacting standards, proving authenticity and as an endorsement of hgh quality Calasparra Rice.

Calasparra Rice is renown in Spain and is becoming increasingly popular amongst enthusiasts of Spanish cooking worldwide.

Our Calasparra Rice is a white round grain rice of excellent quality, which increases its length and thickness by up to 60% when cooked, soaking up three parts of water to one part of rice, making it the best rice to use when cooking Paella.

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Traditional Spanish Paella, with Chicken, Rabbit & Langoustine (Scampi) at Devonport Food and wine Festival

This year at the Devonport Food and Wine Festival, Jose Luis Fowler will be performing and doing a cooking presentation on how to cook and authentic Spanish Paella

José Luis Fowler, born to a Spanish mother and English Father was professionally trained as a chef in the early 1980’s under the watchful eye of chef Maria Victoria Cuenca in Madrid.

He moved to New Zealand in 1999 and now with his wife Sally share their passion for Paella with you with their Spanish catering company “Cook at Home Paella”

Paella (pronounced in Spanish: ‘pie-ay-ah’) was first considered to be poor man’s fare because it was usually made with a little bit of whatever was on hand. Today, it has become one of Spain’s most popular and best loved dishes!

The Paella that José Luis will be cooking is inspired by childhood memories of his Grandparents farm in Spain and his Grand Mother cooking the Paella with ingredients taken fresh from the farm Normally it would be cooked with Fresh Water Crayfish, but the dish is incorporating Langoustine instead.

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Jose’s Sangria recipe

We are often asked for a recipe for Sangria.  Basically the art of producing the perfect Sangria is to disguise the taste of alcohol with fruit…  This works well and has been we received at many parties.

All you need is one “big” bowl and…

a) One bottle of Red Wine
b) Half a Bottle of Gin or Vodka
c) 1.5 Litre Bottle of Cider (or Sparking Apple Juice – lemonade is also acceptable)
d) 1/2 Litre of Fresh Orange Juice
e) Chopped Apple, Banana and Orange and Ice…

Instructions… throw it all into a bowl and enjoy.

If nervous, simply make up in a small quantity and test prior to going for the big bowl… remeber the ice will melt and dilute the mixture….

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Cook at Home Paella News

With Christmas just around the corner, the team at Cook at Home Paella have many offerings that may be of interest to you:-

Christmas Parties
We have a multitude of catering options available to you:-
  • Paella Cooked on Site our chefs
  • Paella Cooked by yourself, hiring our equipment with our ingredients
  • Paella Cooked by yourself, purchasing our pans, spices and rice and we can provide you with a no fail authentic Spanish recipe.
  • Paella Cooked and delivered to you warm and fresh

Check out our website for more details [click here] We are the only Paella company in Auckland that have a professionally trained Spanish head chef (trained in Madrid).  We operate over 25 Pans of varying sizes and are capable of serving over 1000 servings per evening, so we can cater for you party whatever size

Christmas Presents

We have a website selling Paella Pans and accessories.  Due to the demand for our imported Spanish Products we have extended the product range.  So for all your Paella requirements, Pans, Burners, Stands, Lids, Rice and Spices check out our website for more details – [click here] Our range of genuine Spanish paella pans come from Garcima S.L, based in Valencia the home of Paella, so you will not find a more authentic Paella Pan. 

Spanish Churros (Donuts)

This year we launched our brand of authentic Spanish Churros, based on a recipe from Madrid, the home of Churros and we are already selling to many Food and Beverage outlets across the country.  Jose’s Spanish Churros are sold frozen and they simply need to be fried in Olive Oil and sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar, just like they are in Spain and to really capture the Spanish feeling we sell the chocolate sauce (that’s added to hot milk) to dip your Churros into.  These must be collected; [click here] for product details, only $30+GST for a bag ot 75 Churros (12 cm).

Paella on the Beach?
During January 2012, we will be also working out of Russell.  If you’re in the area give us a call and we can provide you with our Paella services whilst relaxing on holiday.
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Are you a Paella Cowboy?

One thing we often get asked is how you cook the perfect Paella? 

There are of course many tips and tricks, many detailed in this blog.  But how do you instantly tell if the Paella chef knows what they are doing?

For us, the main question is “Has the Paella been garnished with FRESH LEMONS?”

We believe you should NEVER serve fresh lemon wedges with your Paella as the expensive flavour of the saffron will be ambushed.  Grilled lemon wedges are however an option.  Many recipes say garnish with lemons, but we believe this to be bad advice.

So… if you see a Paella with Fresh Lemon wedges the chances are:-

  • They have may not used Saffron, so don’t care about ambushing the flavour.
  • They may have no idea about how to cook Paella authentically.
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Paella Pan – Christmas Gift Set

Treat yourself this Christmas and buy everything you need to cook a Perfect Paella for only NZ$160+GST (excludes Shipping)

Includes 50cm Enamelled Paella Pan, 50cm Aluminium Lid, Table Protector Stand, 5kg Calasparra Rice, 3 Sachets Carmencita Paella Spices – Worth OVER $190+GST

For more information visit

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Cook at Home Paella at the Devonport Food and Wine Festival

For the third year running the team at Cook at Home Paella will be attending the Devonport Food and Wine Festival in February 2012.  This time we will be bringing along a selection of Paella Pans to purchase.

This year our head chef, Jose Luis will be performing a cooking demonstration in the main kitchen arena teaching you all to cook a traditional Paella.

Cook at Home Paella has come a long way in the last 2 years, we will be in a bigger marquee and look forward to serving you the Authentic Spanish Paella.

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Jose’s Spanish Churros

Spanish Churros

Spanish Churros

Providers of Spanish Churros for the Food & Beverage industry in New Zealand.

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Paella Pans for Sale in New Zealand

Finally a website in New Zealand selling Paella Pans.  Paella Pans from 36cm to 60cm, with accessories that include Aluminium Paella Pan lids, Paella Pan table top protectors, Paella Pan Gas Burners, indoors and outdoors, with or without stands.  Check out for more details

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Paella for your company function or beach party!

We bring the Paella Kitchen to you….

Paella for your Company Function Portable Paella Kitchen

Looking for an alternative Company Party, then hire our Paella Kitchen, it’s fully equiped with Electrical Generator, Large Fridge, Freezer and has a cleaning sink and wash basin.

Ideal for parties at the beach, parties at the work place.  The trailer has a small footprint and easily fit in anywhere.  It’s fully licensed by Auckland City Council.

We can cook Paella, Churros (Spanish Donut) as well as make the Perfect Flat White with out commercial coffee machine.  Visit our website or call us on 0800 PAELLA.

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